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Lets get the Skagit BAG BANd WAGON rolling!
(PB or PBS = single use plastic bag(s)
* Americans use 100 billion each year: 12 million barrels of oil used to produce them..
* Made from  non-renewable source: oil and natural gas.
* Used for minutes, they take 500 - 1,000 years or more to "degrade".
* Only 1% are returned for recycling.
* 8 mill. pieces of plastic enter the world's oceans daily - much of it is single use bags.
* 100,000 marine animals - 267 species - are affected or killed each year by them.
* 54% of the world's people live in bag ban/fee zones - including 19.4 mill. Americans!
* Countries with bans: Ireland, Italy, China, Mexico, Germany, England, France + 20 more
* Edmonds, Seattle, B'ham, Bainbridge Isl., Shoreline, Mukilteo, Tacoma, Port Townsend,
   Issaquah all have single use bans.
IF you use PBS in trash cans . . . do this instead:
    Line trash cans with newspapers that can go out with the trash, reuse paper bags or
    repurpose plastic wrappers and packaging for messy garbage - or compost!
AND if you use them to collect dog poop . . . do this instead:
    Look in your grocery cart!  Produce, bread, toilet paper, paper towels - many items are
    packaged in plastic - free - and can be repurposed. Compostable doggy bags can be
    purchased, as are compostable bags from grocery, hardware and Costco stores.
BUT I use biodegradable PBS. Isn't that good enough?
    Not really. Biodegrading -somewhat a misnomer - happens in industrial
    composting facilities using heat and specific bacteria - very special conditions! They DO
    NOT breakdown in waterways or landfills. When PBS break down, they remain as
    micro plastics, continue to pollute, and enter the food chain as animals ingest them.
No IFS, ANDS, or BUTS about it: PLASTIC IS FOREVER! Nothing used for minutes should end up in the belly of a whale . . . . We’d do Earth a favor by not using single use bags!
We can change how we view and use plastics in Skagit County.
The first step?  In January, COLLECT support signatures from county residents.
Next step? In February ask city officials county-wide to consider a bag ban.
You can help!  Ask 10 friends, neighbors or relatives to sign the support petition,  and then ask them to collect signatures too! Signers must be Skagit residents. Even young ones - after all, it’s their future.
Get the petition HERE. If you need a printed copy, please let me know. When you have 10 (or more!) signatures, scan and email or mail to Carol Sullivan 1400 Lindsay Lp. #5, Mount Vernon, 98274 or carolosully@yahoo.com.  Please save your original signatures!
Together, we can get the BAG BANd WAGON rolling!
www.bagitmovie.com, www.environmentwashington.org,  Plastic Ocean, documentary available on Netflix, Heal The Bay (https://healthebay.org/bag-ban-faq-what-about-all-that-dog-poop/   www.bagmonster.com, City of Bellingham PBS ban ordinance https://www.cob.org/services/environment/pages/plastic-bag-ban.aspx
PS: As one of your newest members, I am looking forward to working with you and the League of Women Voters in the near future.  Please let me know if you are "on board" the BAG BANd Wagon, and if you encounter objections, let me know so I can research a plastic free option.  We are not inventing the wheel - lots of cities have experience and know what the answer is to be bag free.
Thanks in advance for your help~ Carol Sullivan,  carolosully@yahoo.com
Voter Information is available at:
Vote 411
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