(Note, If you want access to minutes prior to those listed here, please contact Ed West at ctn33319@gmail.com)
League of Women Voters of Skagit County
League of Women Voter's of Skagit County
April 4, 2020 Meeting via Zoom
Welcome and group check in:  Wende Sanderson Chair
Members attending:
Wende Sanderson, Barbara Robinson, Kathy Reim, Patti Santangelo, Margaret Colony, Britt Wisniewski, Andrea Doll, Don Wick, Ed and Mary Ellen West, Kathryn Longfellow, Carol Sullivan, Edwyna Spiegel, Mary Jane Golden, Doris Brevoort, Paula  Young, Steve Johnson, Rocio Lopez and guest Erin Long.
Guest Speaker:  Erin Long WE Ignite for 2021
Erin came to share about the plans so far for WE Ignite for 2021.  The Theme is to be Empowerment.  Erin is hoping to feature Randi Breuer to speak on the Science of Gender, what it really means and how it impacts us.  She plans breakout sessions, presentations that support the issues around the gender pay gap and how it impacts women and men.  She hopes to feature information on work roles that we don't often find women in and perhaps roles we don't usually find men in.  Britt shared that the AAUW theme for the year is also related to this issue focusing on nontraditional roles for women.  We may want to reach out to them to see if they would like to be included in the WE Ignite event.  Erin also mentioned that she wants to include civics in the event, perhaps registering voters again and find other community groups to be included.    Contact for Erin is erin@weignitewa.org   This is a nonprofit organization.
Minutes from March 7th meeting:  The minutes were accepted by the members.
Treasurer's Report: Lory was not at the meeting but provided a report for members approval.  We have a balance of $2914.80 on hand.  There was a discussion on the possible use of that money.  There is no encumberment on the $$ and they can be used to support our participation in WE Ignite and for our candidate forums or other events we plan.
Membership Welcome Report:  Carol reminded us of the cost of joining issue that we need to revisit.  Last meeting Trina Berton joined our group. Carol will send a welcome letter/kit.
Report from Nominating Committee:  The list of new officers and committee chairs was submitted and will be voted on next meeting.  There will also be nominations from the floor next meeting if someone has that wish.  The names are:  Chair: Wende Sanderson, Vice Chair: Ed West,  Secretary:  Kathryn Longfellow.  Program Committee: Mary Jane Golden, Membership Committee: Carol Sullivan, Voter Services Committee: Kathy Reim.  It was decided to separate the Voter Services Committee from the Program Committee due to the amount of work needed for each committee. 
Voter Services/Program committee reports:
The committee recommends that we use $250. to fund a resource table at the February 2021 WE Ignite event, which was unanimously approved.
May 18th- Plan to have voter services team work on what candidate forum to offer plus write letters of intent to candidates so they can save the dates.
May 23rd – Film Courage In Corsets.  On April 23rd, Mary Jane will make the decision on whether we need to postpone this event due to the virus issues to August 22nd.  The Burlington Library will be available on that date also.  Mary Jane shared that there will be two cookie recipes that fit the agenda, with cookies baked for that event  offered in bags donated by Trina  of Perry and Carlson.
May 29 – 31:  LWV State Council Meeting: Although Lory, Paula and Wende have indicated an interest in attending, Margaret reports that the in-person meeting has been cancelled.  Stay tuned for whether other options for on line sessions will be available.
June 8th  Fair Vote WA: Skagit PUD Building at 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Carol encouraged members to visit Fair Vote 101 to gain information on this issue.  Members wondered about inviting the Skagit County Auditor to also speak at this event. Carol mentioned that this event can be done on Zoom if need be.
June 19 – 21 Burlington Berry Dairy Days: Voter Registration  and Census information table manned by our members at the Burlington Lutheran Church.
June or July:  Redistricting event with Alison Mc Caffrey.  Members decided to host this event during January or February of 2021 when the issue will be more pertinent.
July 13th:  Possible date for the  primary candidate forum.
September 22nd:  National Voter Registration Day.
October 12th and 13th:  A discussion on the date for the Candidate forum event concluded that the 13th was a better date and a venue is to be found since the PUD is not available and perhaps a larger place may be needed.
Parking Lot items:
Andrea mentioned a program idea: “Getting through the noise” with thoughts on untruth versus half truth information, and how to sort it all out.  This will be discussed at next Voter Services/Program committee meeting on 4/29/20.
Wende mentioned Podcasts idea—A small group is meeting on Mondays at 11AM via zoom to discuss podcasts of the Constitutional Amendments. Wende asked anyone interested in joining the group to send her an email. 
50th Anniversary of Earth Day is on April 22nd.  We will most likely all be secluded at home but we might want to note this important day somehow.
Next meeting Voter Services/Program committee will be  April 29th at 1:00 p.m. Most likely on Zoom.
Next meeting of the League of Women Voter's of Skagit County will be May 2nd. Location to be decided and it may also be on Zoom.
League of Women Voters' of Skagit County
March 7, 2020 Meeting Minutes
Skagit Publishing 10:30 a.m. To 12:30 p.m.
Members attending:  Jodi Dean, Wende Sanderson, Mike Travis-guest, Peggy Raterman, Lory Lawson, Trena Berton and Mari-guest, Doris Brevoort, Ed West, Margaret Colony, Mary Jane Golden, Kathryn Longfellow, Patti Santangelo, Edwyna Spiegel, Carol Sullivan, Barbara Robinson.
Wende Sanderson welcomed guests by having each member and guest introduce themselves.
Wende introduced Karen Crowley of Speak Up Schools.  Karen from the Snohomish League of Women Voters came today to present out group an opportunity to join the Speak Up Schools efforts.  Karen mentioned that the census is going to drive many things which includes our mapping.  The focus of the Speak Up schools is to be a part of the voices that influence that mapping.  The league feels that to support the creation of “fair” maps many voices need to be heard.  The goals of the schools will be to train people so that they can speak to compelling points when the independent commissions come to the local communities.  The suggestion is that with better input we will have better maps and that the league would be able to do this, by representing our diverse
local areas and by holding them accountable.  Karen is suggesting our unit join perhaps with other units to do this.  If we decide to do so it would be next year in the early spring.  We will need to identify partners, time and dates plus select hosts, coaches then gather names of those willing to testify.  The WA. State League has tools, talking points, plus will be offering grants for $$ to support local leagues.  The commissioners will be appointed at the end of 2020. 
Minutes:  Minutes of the January 29th meeting were accepted by the members.
Treasurer's Report:  Lory provided a written report.
                                    Current Cash on Hand:  $3350.48
                                          $2615.85     U.S. Bank
                                           $ 697.34      LWV-WA Education Fund
                                          $   37/29       Petty Cash
                                Lory detailed that we have a deposit of $421.04 a special grant from LWV-WA Education Fund to purchase a projector.  Lory  moved and it was seconded , and approved by the members that we repay Wende Sanderson for the cost of the new projector.  The members accepted the treasurers report.
Membership Welcome Report:  Carol Sullivan suggested we revisit the issue of recruiting new members, that perhaps the cost is a negative for some people specially the younger members.  We do have an Associate Membership available for people under age 18 at $17.
Nomination Committee:  Lory reports that they are in progress with some names ready for the next meeting.
Report from the Voter Services/Program committee:
A possible redistricting forum with Alison was discussed.  It had been scheduled for March 31.  The members agreed that we need to postpone it and talk to Alison about rescheduling.
Discussions were also held about candidate forums.
Fair Vote WA is scheduled for April 6 at the Skagit PUD building from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.  Carol Sullivan spoke to this option to the way we vote now.
Mary Jane Golden mentioned that there are some publishing rights that mean we cannot show the film 1 Woman 1Vote so she has researched and found a replacement that we can use:  Courage in Corsets.  The plan is to show it at the Burlington Library May 23rd from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  With information and discussions to be a part of the program.
May 29-31 LWV State Council:  Meeting to be in Yakima, WA
June 19-21  Berry Dairy Days: Table for voter registration
                    Our league walk in parade?
July 15       Ballots drop on July 15th for Primary. If we are doing a primary Candidate Forum, we should target Mid July/perhaps July 13th or late in June.  We should plan to work with partners such as the Retirees' and PFLAG.
September 22, 2020: National Voter Registration Day.  We have a plan to again staff libraries and other locations.
Note:  There is an important list for all members to check out at the end of the Voter Services calendar of events that Wende provided via email to members.  I encourage you all to check that out.
Also since the meeting has been held our whole world and the way we live in it has changed.  So many of the dates above may be changed.  Keep in touch via email with Wende and any other members if you have questions.
Barbara Robinson, Secretary
League of Women Voters Minutes for January 29, 2020 (February Meeting)
Location:  Skagit Valley Herald Building
( Meeting was held early to replace the February meeting and was also to replace the Voter Services committee meeting.)
Members attending:  Barbara Larson, Patty Santangelo, Mary Ellen West, Ed West, Carol Sullivan, Edwyna, Speigel, Margaret Colony, Kathy Reim, Kathryn Longfellow, Don Wick, Wende Sanderson, Barbara Robinson, Mary Jane Golden.
Welcome and guests: No guests.
Minutes from January 4th meeting were amended and voted approved.
Treasurer's report:  Treasurer Lory Lawson provided a print out of the January 29th report.  Current Cash on hand: $2805.44
             U.S. Bank: $2070.81
             LWV-WA Education Fund:  $697.34
             Petty Cash:   $37.29
The treasurer's report was accepted by members.
Lory reported we have 4 members that have not renewed for 2019 and we will be contacting those members to encourage them to continue as members.   First quarter membership invoices will be going out in February.
During our meeting we discussed per-member payments to the State and National Leagues.  Lory forwarded the information via email the next day to correct any misunderstandings.
LWV-WA  Individual member - $19.00
                  Household member - $9.50
LWV-USA  Individual member - $32.00
                  Household member - $16.00
Net total for Skagit – Individual member - $11.00
                                    Household member - $5.50
Brief Discussion of our By-Laws committee requirements:
The league requires that each unit elects officers to serve on the  executive board consisting of a President/Chair man, a secretary and a treasurer. Our unit also has added a vice president.
The by-laws also say we need to have a 3 member nominating committee.  That committee reports on their slate of officer options at the April meeting so that the members can vote at the May meeting. A motion was made, seconded and passed naming volunteers Margaret Colony, Lory Lawson, and Kathryn Longfellow as the nominating committee this year.
The by-laws  call for standing committees:  Nominating committee, membership committee, Newsletter committee, Program chair were the 4 committees offered as possible committees for our group. 
Carol Sullivan chairs the membership committee welcoming members.  Tasks that could be added would be find ways to promote membership. The newsletter committee is new for us. That chair would put notices in paper of meeting times, publish a newsletter and post on the website.  Program chair is also new.  This chair would suggest speakers, coordinate forums and find leaders.  Don Wick and Kathy Reim offered to work but not lead this committee. We now have a Voter Services  Committee with Wende Sanderson chairing.  She will not be able to continue chairing as she is now president.  We will need to consider how and where that committee will fit in with the above listings plus we need a new chair.
We will continue to work on this part of the by-laws requirement at future meetings. Kathy Reim suggested that we provide a job description of each officers role.  A suggestion was made that we update our calendar so that we update our by-laws every 5 years.
Discussion of TRY formatting:  Ed West has provided two formats of the TRY. One is 3 single sheets stapled together or one sheet 11x17 and folded. Steve Johnson and Ed are working on  updates
Ed will send out the latest version to each member and also publish it on the website.  We will provide copies for the No Place Like Home event and for the WE Ignite event.
Planning for other events:
WE Ignite: February 6 & 7 – Our group will hold panel discussions.  Morning of February 7 will be Ready to Run for Office with Lisa Janicki, Erin Moberg, Celia Ponce-Sanchez, and Iris Carias with Wende Sanderson as moderator.  The second panel will be How to be an Informed Voter with Kate Bennett, Madisun Tobisch,Nicole Long with Doris Brevoort as moderator.  There will also be a voter registration table and with League information available.  Edwyna and Carol will man the registration table.  Kathy Reim will be available to offer information on our civics book on Washington state.  There is a dinner and a reception that costs $75.  Our group has tickets available for those of our members that are interested at no cost.
No Place Like Home:  February 15th at the Lincoln Theater. Several speakers will present information, an art auction will take place at 6:30 p.m. And the readers theater on homelessness in our local area will begin at 7 p.m. 
Margaret and Kathy are still in the planning stages for a welcome event for newly elected and ongoing local officials.
Possible Suffrage movies:  Mary Jane Golden has two options she would like us to consider. One Woman, One Vote is 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Shoulder to Shoulder is 2 DVDs each 120 minutes.  We need to plan a time to view these and the may use them at another event.  Mary Jane suggested we use the Womans Suffarage Cookbook as gifts to the members of the panels at the WE Ignite event. Mary Jane is going to look into buying copies.
Possibilities:  An event on the Census/Redistricting. Perhaps invite Bobbi Krebs-McMullen or Mary Kay Becker as presenters.
Parking lot items:  We voted/approved the members of the nominating committee.
Carol Sullivan mentioned Fairvote Washington where they promote using ranked choice voting. This would be a meeting where we would learn just what that is.  There are two bills in Olympia now that speak to this issue.
Next meeting will be March 7th at the Skagit Valley Herald at 10:30 a.m.
Barbara Robinson , Secretary
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