League of Women Voters of Skagit County
(Note, If you want access to minutes prior to those listed here, please contact Ed West at ctn33319@gmail.com)
League of Women Voters of Skagit County
June 1, 2019 League of Women Voters of Skagit County
Members attending: Barbara Robinson, Margaret Colony, Wende Sanderson, Mary
Jane Golden, Carol Sullivan, Patti Santangelo, Kathryn Longfellow, Ed West, Mary
Ellen West, Lory Lawson, Britt Wisniewski.
Introductions: No New members today
Proposal for our meeting format: Wende proposed a method of keeping to the agenda
and also being sure that any subjects that come up during agenda conversations are
honored. We will use a sticky note , jot down our thoughts and on the agenda will be a
specific time to discuss those thoughts.
Minutes from May 4th meeting were approved. Ed West assured the members that he is
willing to continue to be Vice President with the note that he will be willing to let others
take the office at any time. Barbara Robinson also agreed with that thought and is looking
for a new secretary. Wende Sanderson is now president and would like another member to
step up to take over the leadership of the Voter Services/Program Subcommittee chair.
Treasurer's Report: Lory provided a written report :
$3155.91 U.S. Bank
$ 457.34 LWV-WA Ed. Fund
$ 27.00 Petty Cash
Lory reported on Current Balances and Membership. Welcome letters are being sent by
Carol Sullivan with League bookmarks. Invoices are sent by Lory to members needing to
pay membership dues and returned marked paid. Each includes a copy of the membership
brochure and a thank you sticker. No new members at this meeting date.
State Convention Update: Wende Sanderson and Margaret Colony plan to attend the
State League convention June 6 – 9 . The League of Women Voters of Skagit County
will fund the registration cost of $240.00 for the two voting members and the $50.00 cost
for a special event.
Report of Voter Services/Programs Subcommittee:
Wende Sanderson reported on last meeting held on May 28th  Kim Wyman visit has
several dates proposed by the Wyman office. We are to eliminate the ones that do not
work so Wyman can start to choose a final date. She is to discuss new voter laws, election
security and give some tips on successful methods of improving voter participation.
Voter Registration: The committee plans one voter registration event each quarter during the year. Wende is working with the Breaking Free Club at the Skagit Valley College to begin to offer voter registration at their Club Day that happens the 2nd Thursday of each quarter. We could have a table in the Cardinal Center in the Student Union.
Reminder: National Voter Registration Day is September 24th so we need to make plans soon as to where our teams will be on that day.
MVHS Civics Day event: On May 30th, from 5 – 7 p.m. In the Mount Vernon High School Library. Many members reported on their experiences at this event.
Community/Candidate Education on Affordable Housing and Homelessness:
Working with Liz Jennings of Community Action we have three events proposed: Cost of Poverty Experience planned on July 10th.  Project Homeless Connect on August 23rd Patti Santangelo is registering the League for this event. We will offer voter registration.  County Health Department Housing Forum, scheduled for September 19.
League Candidate Forum is to be at a time between September 19 and October 18. Date
can be September 21 or September 28, to be determined after we decide who to invite. We
would like the forum to focus on homelessness and affordable housing issues. We decided
to not have hold a forum with the 40th Legislative candidates.
Skagit, Island, San Juan School Retirees Association plans to use the “Living Rooom
Conversation” model and partner with the League on an event on August 19th at the
Skagit County PUD building in Mount Vernon from 6 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. The focus will be
the impact of homelessness on students and on schools. Superintendents from Anacortes,
Mount Vernon, Burlington, Sedro Woolley and La Conner will be included plus the
employees that work under the McKinney-Vento funding. Legislators will be invited.
This is to be an informative event. Questioning from the audience and from interested
parties will be considered with the decisions made at a later meeting. Ed West will build a
poster. League members and Retiree's will help with publicity.
Civil Discourse Project: Wende is contacting both legislators, Norma Smith and Dave
Paul to talk about their experiences working across the aisle on their town hall.
Burlington Berry Dairy Days: Several members are going to walk in the parade on June
15, 2019. Patti has some banners to wear, others will find hats etc. plus signs can be
used. Members voted to fund the cost of registration and Patti will attend to that task.
Next meeting of Voter Services/Program committee will be June 29th at Wende's home at 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Decisions and Actions on Upcoming Events: Decisions of who to invite to forums and
what format to use are needed. Do we include all mayors and all city council candidates in
one forum at a time...or do we choose to do events by city and include all their candidates? Do we have a traditional League forum or do we choose a less formal event?  We will seek input from Liz Jennings to support our decisions.
Parking Lot subjects:
Mary Ellen West reminded members that we can apply for a grant from the Soroptimist
Club to support printing of materials.
Discussion of July meeting was held. We want to make the July meeting a celebration of our accomplishments and hold it at a restaurant in Anacortes so all members can attend.  B. Robinson will seek a place. Our date will be Friday, July 12 at 11:30 a.m. Location to be announced.
Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.
Barbara Robinson, Secretary
Minutes for May 4,  2019
Location:  Fire Station on E. Division St. Mount Vernon, WA
Members attending:  Britt Wisniewski, Mary Jane Golden,  Carol Sullivan, Margaret Colony, Lory Lawson, Kathryn  Longfellow, Wende Sanderson, Doris Brevoort, and Barbara Robinson
Minutes from previous meeting were approved.  A discussion of the publishing of the minutes ensued.  It was decided that we would talk to Ed West about holding the minutes of the meetings till they were approved at the next meeting. They would be sent out by the secretary in a few days after the meeting but would be published on line after they were approved at the next meeting.  If he agrees we will make this a new policy.
Treasurer's Report:
Current Cash:  $2790.12   Checking in U. S. Bank
           $   457.34   LWV WA Education Fund
           $    27.00   Petty Cash
Membership Dues:  Lory will return an invoice when dues are paid to each member paying.  Members can also use the form to update any changed information.  She handed out invoices to members for the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2019.
Current Balances:  Account Receivable = $341.00
                Accounts Payable = $437.00
    LWV - WA Quarterly payment: $109.25 Due 07/01/19
    Reimbursement to Lory Lawson for labels & envelopes
Treasurer's Report continued.
A motion to pay Lory was approved. Lory will also update the LWV expense voucher with current information.
Membership:  new Member: Welcome Mary Margaret Raterman.
Welcome letter composed by Carol Sullivan was shared.  Carol suggested we also include a LWV bookmark in the welcome packet. We could also include the welcome letter when mailing dues invoices.
NEW OFFICERS:  Wende Sanderson was voted in as new president with Margaret Colony as past president/mentor.  Ed West was also voted in as Vice President for another term if he is willing.   Barbara Robinson will continue as Secretary but is looking for a replacement to work together on tasks.  Committee Chairs: Wende Sanderson of Voter Services and Programs.  Carol Sullivan will chair the Membership Welcoming Committee.
Delegates to State Convention:  We approved partial reimbursement for two members registration and for one hotel room.  This cost willl be researched and brought back to the membership at the next meeting for further approval. Registration for the June Convention in Seattle is $240 if you register early.  Carol and Mary Jane are looking into attending part time so will check into the cost of that plan.  Wende is registered to attend.  Our unit has two voting delegates so Wende will be one and Carol or Mary Jane will be the 2nd.  Ed West and Mary Ellen are not here today but will be asked to attend if the wish.
Committee Reports:
Voter Services and Programs Subcommittee:
Community/Candidate Education on Affordable Housing and Homelessness:
Our team continues to work with Liz Jennings of Community Action to structure a session that will help us understand the important issues around housing and homelessness as we consider upcoming candidates running for election.  Perhaps two sessions:  one to discuss policy related issues and another to speak to the heart and human aspects of this issue.  Kathryn suggested highlighting the realities of homeless children in our community.
Project Homeless Connect:  Patti reported that we have till July to register for a booth.  They request $50 per table.  This would help fund the cost of the tables and curtains.
Civil Discourse Project:  On April 10th the Steering committee of the Civil Discourse project met at the Dispute Resolution Center and piloted a Living Room Conversation on “Relationships First”.   After this event there was interest in doing more.   A discussion followed that noted that outreach was needed to encourage people that do not usually attend.  Capitalizing on the partnership that was shown at the town hall with Rep. Dave Paul and Rep. Norma Smith, would perhaps give us an idea.  We could include legislators by inviting them to attend . One idea was to ask Norma Smith to see if she had suggestions of who might be interested in participating
Barbara Robinson suggested using this kind of event at the Skagit , Island, San Juan School Retiree's annual retreat.  Barbara will research this plan at the May 13th board meeting with the retiree's and will report back with a plan/thought.
Next Voter Services/Program Committee Meeting is scheduled for May 29th 1 p.m. To 2:30 p.m.  At Wende's.
TRY:  We spent the last half hour of the meeting correcting and assembling the TRY copies and have a good supply prepared for upcoming events.
Meeting adjourned
Next Meeting will be Saturday June 1st at the E. Division Fire Station.
League of Women Voter's of Skagit County
Minutes for April 6, 2019
Members Attending:  Margaret Colony, Barbara Carson, Mary Jane Golden, Carol Sullivan, Patti Santangelo, Wende Sanderson, Lory Lawson, Doris Brevoort, and Barbara Robinson
Minutes were approved for the March meeting.
Treasurer's Report: Lory Lawson provided a written report:
Current Checking and Savings:    $2,604.12
LWV WA Education Fund:               $457.34
Petty Cash:                                           $27.00
Lory reported that we welcomed three new members:  Iris Carias,  Rosalinda Guillen, and Rocio Lopez.  We welcome them into our group. A discussion followed about how we can formally welcome new members.  Carol Sullivan will work on a welcome packet.
Lory is looking into using Quick Books for our treasurers books.  She also is looking into setting up a same month membership dues for all members.  We could pro-rate all members to the chosen month then all would pay at the same time.  Lory provided a printout with the current member names, addresses and dues dates.
Report on plans for living room conversations: Wende Sanderson reported that we are continuing our “test run” of the Living Room conversations format.  This will take place on April 10th at the Dispute Resolution Center on the 2nd floor of the Carnation Building from 12 noon to 2 p..m. Lunch is provided with RSVP to Wende.
Selection of Delegates to the State Convention on June 6 – 8 in Tacoma.   Wende Sanderson and Carol Sullivan are considering attending.
Election of Officers: Margaret Colony announced that our group will be electing new officers and chairs at our May meeting.  Barbara Robinson will send out a request for members to volunteer to serve as President and Secretary and any committee that we plan for the coming year.  Both Barbara and Margaret are willing to job share or to mentor the new officers.  Margaret and Barbara will then be free to chair committees with other members.
Voter Services and program subcommittee update: Wende Sanderson provided a written report on the committee's last meeting.   
  1. March 4 --Barbara Robinson and Wende Sanderson attended the Homeless Shelter provided by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Mount Vernon to register voters. We registered or updated 6 voters that day.

  2. Kathryn Longfellow, Patti Santangelo, and Wende Sanderson staffed a Voter Registration booth at the Homage Senior Services Medicare Information event held on March 27th at the Best Western Convention Center in Mount Vernon. No new voters registered but many TRYs were shared.

  3. Kathryn Longfellow offered to follow up on finding information on our members manning a booth at the Tulip Festival Street Fair in Mount Vernon on April 19th – 21st. After some discussion it was decided that we would not participate in this event this year.

  4. Civil Discourse Project:  On March 18th Margaret and Wende met with Mary McGoffin from the Skagit Community Foundation to review the Civil Discourse grant proposal that was submitted for the 2019 activities including Facilitator Training and outreach so we could conduct smaller-sized community conversations, targeted to encourage participation from voices who are not normally represented at our events.  Mary felt our proposal might be better accepted if we include ideas of working with the Boys and Girls Club to offer conflict resolution and de-escalation training to youth.  Margaret and Wende reported back to the CD Steering Committee at the regularly scheduled meeting on March 20.  Jennifer Hendrix and Cathy Pfahl, members of the committee, agrees to discuss the possibility of submitting a proposal of this type and will keep us posted.

  5. Kim Wyman Visit:  The Kim Wyman visit was postponed after our meeting.  Plans for the visit include a coordination with Kurt Dunbar of the History Dept and the Honors Society at Skagit Valley College.  The College President's assistant has reserved the Multipurpose Room.  Our hope is to attract as many students to the event as possible. Then we had reserved the Conference Room at the Skagit Transit Center for $125.00 for a community based event (which has now been cancelled).

    Tentative topics for Secretary Wyman’s presentation include: 
    • How the new voter access rules  going into effect in July this year, such as pre-registration of 16 and 17 year olds and same-day registration will be implemented. 
    • Election Security---what are the concerns and how are they being addressed in Washington State. 
    • Voter Engagement—discussion of the statistics on voter participaton and any thoughts on how we can improve them.

  6. Margaret and Wende spoke about highlighting the Civics Book during the Kim Wyman event.  Also spoke about having Sandy Perkins, Co Auditor, and David Cunningham, Elections Supervisor, participate.

    Barbara Carson is working with LaConner teacher Erin Lisser on having her students participate in a way that is yet to be determined.

    Considerations for Planning the event:  Hospitality---where to stay, dining options, tours and things to see outside our event.  Early evening event hosting: notables who might want to have a presence.  Educational offerings such as displays about voting history in our state. Informational tables around the area.

  7. Wende mentioned that our next Committee meeting will be April 15th at Wende's home  (this has been canceled after our April 6th meeting due to the cancelation of the Wyman visit.)  Next meeting will be April 24th at Wende's home at 1 p.m. To 2:30 p.m.

  8. Social Event: We plan to host a social event in Anacortes area to celebrate all our group accomplishments.  Margaret and Barbara will work on this and information will be coming soon.
Upcoming plans include Margaret and Wende working with Liz Jennings of Community Action on an activity where we can support candidates and ourselves so we can be more knowledgeable on issues of homelessness and affordable housing.  We would have an educational session first then will use this as a theme for our candidate forum.  After the May candidate registration closes we will make decisions on what our forum will look like this coming election season.
Next meeting will be May 4th at 10:30 a.m.  E. Division Street, Mount Vernon Fire Station #3. 
Barbara Robinson Secretary
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