League of Women Voters of Skagit County
(Note, If you want access to minutes prior to those listed here, please contact Ed West at ctn33319@gmail.com)
League of Women Voters of Skagit County
Meeting  Minutes March 2, 2019
Location:  Fire Station # 3 4701 E. Division St.
                   Mount Vernon, WA
Members attending: Margaret Colony, Carol Sullivan, Wende Sanderson, Patti Santangelo, Mary Jane Golden, Barbara Carson, Ed West, Mary Ellen West, Doris Brevoort, Britt Wisniewski, Barbara Robinson, Lory Lawson and guests/new members Rocio Lopez and Rosalinda Guillen.
Introductions were conducted.
Minutes were approved of the February meeting minutes. 
Minutes of the January meeting were amended to include the purpose of the organization and the list of  officers.
Treasurer's Report: Lory Lawson reported that our account balance at this time is $2,356.12.  We have a balance of $3,310.00 in the Education fund with $2852.66 earmarked for a specific educational event.  Mailing address is now changed so all material will come to Lory.  U. S. Bank acounts are now in the name of treasurer Lory and other pertninent members.  Lory will work with Steve Johnson to updat the membership list.
Guest Presentation:  Rocio Lpez and Rosalinda Guillen of Community to Community spoke on supporting Farmworkers issues. Rosalinda spoke about SB 5438.  This bill provides  a monitor to the controversial H2A guestworker program.  They ask that there is an office of oversite set up,with an advisory committee to determine the needs of the farmworkers.  She spoke to the concerns farmworkers face: the increased use of pesticides; safe water and food in the fields when the pesticides are use improperly; housing and health care options. ( Attached is the information shared with the members)
Action Workshop February 21, 2019:  Margaret Colony and Wende Sanderson reported on the action workshop in Olympia.  Teams met with legislators to further the State League issues including Norma Smith, Barbara Bailey, and Dave Paul.  An online report is available on the state website.
Kim Wyman Visit: Wende contacted the WA State Historical Society to see if they have some display materials that could be used during Sec. Of State Kim Wyman visit. These materials would  give information on women's suffrage and the enfranchisement of other groups such as African Americans, Native Americans and others.  They do not have ready made displays but gave suggestions of other sources.This will be a subject for the next Subcommittee meeting.
The date of the planned visit needed to be changed due to Kim Wyman's calendar. Wende will contact  Wyman to book May 28th.  We will now need a different venue as the Burlington Library is booked for the date now planned.  This will also be a topic at the next Subcommittee meeting on March 27th at Wende's home from 1 p.m. To 2:30 p.m.
Topics for Wyman to discuss could be the 1)new Voter Access laws to be implemented July 2019; 2)election security; 3)voter engagement.
Plans for including schools such as the local high schools and the Skagit Valley College are being planned. Contacts with people such as Dr. Carl Bruner Superintendent of Mount Vernon Schools and with Leah Eberle of Skagit Valley College are planned. Sandy Perkins, Skagit County Auditor and Representative Dave Paul of the 40th District indicated an interest in participating. Other suggestons were made s
such as including the WA Vocational Services students inclusion. 
Report from Subcommittee:  
March 4 , 10 a.m. At the Seventh Day Adventist Day Center Homeless Shelter  Barbara Robinson and Wendy Sanderson will register voters.
Thursday March 21st is a Community Action meeting on Homelessness.
A suggestion was mentioned on the use of the Lincoln Theater for this event.  Working with Liz Jennings we will being to work on a continuum of events starting with Voter and Candidate education on this topic in preparation for the Candidates Forum on Affordable Housing and Homelessness which  we will be co-hosting in late September.  A planning meeting to discuss this further on Thursday March 21  from 3 to 4:30 p.m at the Community Action Riverside Classroom. League members are encouraged to attend to help with the planning.
Updates and dates to remember:
Our unit is entitled to 2 delegates to the State Convention June 7 through June 9 in Tacoma.  Think about attending this event.  Talk to Margaret Colony if interested.
6th Annual Farmworkers Tribunal will be held in Olympia, WA in the Columbia Room of the Legislative Building from 4:30 p.m. To 6:30 p.m. On March 18th, 2019.  There will be testimony of farmworker's issues such as working conditions and the impact of the H2A guestworker program.  Also   discussed will be issues of pesticides, climate changes and clean water.  More information can be obtained from Community to Community Development 203 W. Holly Street, Suite 311 Bellingham, WA 98225.  C2Cinfo@foodjustice.org.  Community to Community is a grassroots organization founded by the WA State farmworkers to promote an equitable food system and access to fundamental democratic processes.
Voter Services and Programs Subcommittee next meeting will be March 27th 1 p.m. To 2:30 p.m. Wende Sanderson's home. 
Next League of Women Voter's of Skagit County meeting will be April 6th at Firestation #3 4701 E. Division St. Mount Vernon at 10:30 a.m. To 12:30 p.m.
Barbara Robinson, Secretary
Scroll down for the Farmworker's informaton on SB 5438
Farmworkers ask for your support.
We should not count on the federal government to do what's best for Washington, we must do it ourselves. Our farmworker communitues demand it. We ask that you take leadership now, by passing the common-sense legislation to monitor the controversial H2A guestworker program: Support SB 5438
As a farmworker organization with integrity in the State of Washington, we have witnessed how the growth of the H2A program has impacted local farmworker communities.
The H2A program is a multi-million dollar payroll leaving our state – a payroll local farmworker's have historically spent in rural communities.
Skilled farmworkers are leaving Washington State, and the seasonal migrant workforce no longer sees value in returning to Washington for harvests due to the incresed use of the H2A  program, creating a false labor shortage.
We have seen the effects of overburdened and understaffed state agencies in the investigation of the death of Honesto Silva Ibarra.  These commonplace abuses and exploitation will only get worse.  Without this bill, the only avenue to address them is lawsuits, which are costly to everybody.
This bill brings accountability for all stakeholders in the agriculture industry.
Farm labor is not a commodity that can be quantified by the industry's financial statements.  This bill recognizes that farmworkers are a needed stakeholder in Washington State's agricultural economy.
This bill equips our agencies with adequate staffing and a mandate to take on the challenges and complexities of the H2A program by providing stable funding sources from the State Budget, and a process for establishing fees from the large corporate growers using the program.
*The complexity of the H2A program led to the death of Honesto Silva Ibarra in Whatcom County.  We believe without oversight there will be more deaths.
The above information was shared by new member Rosalinda Guillan.  The flyer was hosted byCommunity to Community  Development
League of Women Voters of Skagit County
Minutes of February 2, 2019
Members Attending:  Margaret Colony, Patti Santangelo, Barbara Carson, Mary Jane Golden, Kathryn Longfellow, Donnell Austin, Wende Sanderson, Britt Wisniewski, Ed West, Doris Brevoort and Barbara Robinson.
Treasurer's Report:  Current Balance in Checking account:  $2,359.12.  A signature is needed updating at the U. S. Bank so Lory Lawson can sign checks as our new Treasurer.
Lory Lawson will:
Margaret Colony noted that our treasurer's reports into the state are in great shape and one of the few that are so.  Thanks to Treasurer Steve Johnson and his organizational skills we in good fiscal order.  Margaret also noted that now is the time that the state gathers membership information from local leagues.  Members submitting membership dues today were Doris Brevoort.
Minutes Report: Barbara Robinson submitted minutes of the January 5th meeting and a brief review of the January 19th social/planning event for approval. Minutes of both meetings were approved.
Report from Social Event at Farmhouse:  Wende Sanderson reported about this event from the Voter Services and Programs subcommittee meeting held on January23rd. ( A copy of her report will be attached to this document)
Wende submitted three main subjects as determined by the sticky note vote.  The committee chose to group a few of the subjects. For example the Kim Wyman event can be one that would partner with100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment.  Voter registration events also can be partnered with other events.  Please check the Subcommittee report to view those choices.  At this time we have booked the Burlington Library for May 29th for the Kim Wyman visit.  Voter registration could be conducted at that event plus we talked about contacting the Skagit Valley College again to have a table for voter registration there near or on National Voter Registration Day.
Funding of Civil Discourse activity for 2019: Wende Sanderson spoke of the Skagit Community Foundation Grant she wrote before the February 1 deadline that would fund activities for our unit around continuing to fund our civil discourse activities. She spoke of need to now continue that training by using the skills we gained during last years civil discourse training. Perhaps to use it on a specific issue that needs to be determined. Many ideas flowed from this conversation.  Perhaps we need to be reaching more of the people affected by our conversations. Perhaps bring in youth, train them as facilitators, reach out to the schools. Emerson Alternative School and Oasis Teen Center were mentioned.  Bringing in the Mount Vernon Schools during the Kim Wyman visit was mentioned.  Also using the model "Living Room" conversations was discussed.   The Voter Services and Programs Subcommittee will continue this conversation at its next meeting at Wende Sanderson's home on 203 S. 5th St. Mount Vernon on February 27th. Several members are going to attend this meeting to work with the committee.
Discussion of Calendar - Responsibilities and opportunities:  During the meeting several events were discussed:
Other Business and Announcements:  Several conversations were conducted during the meeting that will be mentioned here.  Often those conversations fit into several categories.
Barbara Robinson, Secretary
Voter Services and Programs Subcommittee
January 23, 2019 
Attendance:  Kathryn, Patti, Wende
1.Discussed New items since last meeting
a.Provided Barbara Carson with existing Teachers guide for Civics Book for her ‘take’ on whether it’s something we should push forward with—or wait for the updated version.
b.Met with Liz Jennings about Affordable Housing/Homelessness—have reserved Burlington Library (Rotary Community Meeting Rm)  Tues, April 02, 2019 5 PM-8:15 PM
c.Better Angels SOTU potluck and broadcast at Skagit Dispute Resolution Center—Jan 31  5:00 – 7:00PM
2.Reviewed the Poster responses from Saturday 1/19/19 mtg at Farmhouse
a.We identified the projects with 3 or more “stickies” indicating the most important items for our Chapter to pursue:
i.Kim Wyman visit, combined with 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment
1.Wende awaiting return call from Carl Bruner about how to involve schools in Secretary Wyman’s visit.  If no response by Feb 1, Kathryn will contact Sedro-Woolley superintendent
2.We have officially requested the visit on May 29th.
3.We have a contact from Everett Film Festival to contact about possible films related to suffrage so we could potentially organize a Lincoln Theatre event that week of Secretary Wyman’s visit.
ii.Late June Primary Candidate’s forum
iii.Quarterly Voter Registration events:
1.Feb/Mar—pursue SVC for tabling event
2.May 29—at Kim Wyman event
3.Sept 24 –National Voter Registration Day with Libraries and Goodwill
4.End of October event just prior to election
3.Letter of Congratulations to local elected officials—we reviewed content with Margaret’s suggested edits and decided to target all successful officials in the last election.  It was decided that snail-mail, using the Rockport return address would be the best way to incorporate the membership brochure.  Wende to pursue mail merge to create letters and address labels.
4.Next meeting of Voter Services/Progam committee—will occur at 2PM on Feb 27 at Wende’s house and will be limited to one hour because of the later start time.
League of Women Voters of Skagit County
Meeting date:  January 5, 2019
Location: MV Fire Station 3-- 4701 E. Division St. 
Attendance:  Margaret Colony, Barbara Robinson, Wende Sanderson, Patti Santangelo, Lory Lawson, Kathryn Longfellow, Ed and Mary Ellen West, Steve and Nancy Johnson and Mary Jane Golden
Introductions were conducted. Minutes were approved. Wende moved and Mary Ellen seconded. Members voted to approve.
Treasurers Report:  Steve reported that we have $2,406.95 in treasury. We also have $1000 in the Education fund. That money is allocated for Education projects only.  Steve Johnson asked that someone step up to take over the treasurer's job. Lory Lawson volunteered.  A motion by Wende Sanderson and seconded by Mary Jane Golden, was made to elect Lory Lawson as treasurer. A vote was held and by unanimous number Lory was elected Treasurer for the League of Women Voters' of Skagit County.
Tax Issue Report:  Lory Lawson reported on the work finished to make our Skagit County League legal with the state of Washington.  As of December 12, 2018 we  have an IEN number which is a federal number that will be used when a donation is made to our group.  We also have a UBI number ( Universal Business Identification Number) with the state.  We are now in 501 c4 status with the state.  We could now form our own education fund but if we continue to do this through the state organization it will save us  paperwork.  Lory stated that there is a list of tasks yet to be finished so that we will continue to be in compliance
Report from the Voter Education and Program committee:  Kathryn and Wende have been working on several projects for our unit.  Kathryn provided a report:
a.  Kim Wyman visit:  contacts are being made to see about Kim Wyman as a speaker at one of our events.
b.  All Libraries except Mount Vernon are ordering or will order copies of  "Washington: the State we are in."  Mount Vernon stated that they do not include text books in their collection.  ( mentioned by members was the fact that they have actually found and used text books from the library)  Margaret has a copy of the curriculum guide to review.
c. Schools holding bond votes include Mount Vernon, Concrete and LaConner.  Discussion on how to support these schools did not come to any conclusion at the meeting but several members planned to continue discussion after the meeting. A report will be included later.
d.  19th Amendment Celebration:  Wende contacted Amy Peloff LWV assistant about any plans for the celebration. We suggested that contacting the Skagit Historical Museum and the State Museum for ideas on how to celebrate/commemorate this event.  Anna Weimer (?) suggested that a theme could be 100% voter registration for all eligible women. 
e. Wende spoke with Kathy Reim about writing congratulations letters to legislators. It was noted that there is no final information as yet on the addresses of legislators so this is on hold till that is available.
f. Contact was made with David Cunningham elections officer to offer assistance with election responsibilities.  More contact is planned.  Is this state, or county?
g.  Skagit Community foundation is accepting applications for grants in our area ranging from education to art and culture.  These are due February 1.
h.  Working with educators.  A powerpoint presentation from Benton-Franklin was sent out to members in early December.  Several members expressed an interest in using this. This needs to be revisited to see how and when it could be used.
I. Anna Weimer reminder:  Mount Vernon High School will hold the Civics Day presentations in the School Library on January 23rd from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m
J.  We Ignite confernce:  February 8, 2019  We could have a booth this year. next year perhaps a speaker or panel positon for our group.  The topic will be "How to go after a political office...deciding on the office and pursuing it?  This years focus is on "How to prepare yourself." - Location Swinomish Casino - 12885 Casino Dr, Anacortes, WA 98221
Social Event plans:  On Saturday Janyary 19, we will meet at the Farmhouse in small room for lunch and discussion of our plans for the coming year.  We will have poster boards up with topics for members to ask questions, make suggestions and/or give information.  This format will allow brainstorming of ideas along with a beginning of finalizing our year ahead.
Action Workshop:  Last workshop for the year is January 12  9:30 to 2:30 at Shoreline Community College 16101Greenwood Ave. N. Shoreline, WA.  with Hilary Franz speaker. Registration is $25 which includes lunch and materials.  The focus is on the environment and will address other key issues like gun safety, social justice and voting rights.  Our members planning to attend are Margaret Colony, Wende Sanderson, and Lory Lawson.
Support Democracy on February 21st at the Democracy Lobby Day in Olympia:  Bring your voice.  The Olympia League of Women voters will gather in Olympia to lobby our legislators in support of bills that strengthen our democracy.
Website: Ed West asked that we inform him of any information we would like to see on the website. One suggestion was to add the historical information piece that Doris Brevoort prepared. 
TRY (They Represent You) A decision was made to have Steve Johnson continue to print the TRY and to reimburse him for the cost.  We need 200 to be ready as soon as the information in the document has been proofread by volunteer members and for the next event which is the first week of February.  We discussed getting sponsors and we would add advertisements for those that sponsored our TRY. Wende offered to get that started.  Steve reminded us that when we hand out the TRY to libraries and such that we are sure to pick up any old ones that are still out there.
2019 Calendar:  This document will come out of our Social Event brainstorming session.
Appointment of Budget Committee:  We need to begin to start budget planning so a committee of volunteers has been started. The volunteers include Lory Lawson, Steve Johnson, Kathryn Longfellow.  This was moved and seconded and volunteers were voted in by members.
February Meeting date:  February 2nd, the first Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m. at the E. Division St. Fire Station.
Barbara Robinson, Secretary
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