(Note, If you want access to minutes prior to those listed here, please contact Ed West at ctn33319@gmail.com)
League of Women Voters of Skagit County
League of Women Voters General Meeting
Fri. Oct. 4, 2019. Skagit Publishing meeting room
Members attending: Katheryn Longfellow, Patti Santangelo, Sandy Potter, Carol Sullivan, Edwyna Spiegel, Rocio Lopez, Britt Wiswenski, Margaret Colony, Wende Sanderson Guests: Jane Vilders, Janet Bauermeister, Joanne Lynn
Members and guests introduced themselves briefly before the meeting began.
Minutes of the previous meeting had been emailed to all members, and a printed copy was available for review. Carol Sullivan moved to approve minutes; Margaret Colony seconded, and by voice vote, minutes were approve.
Treasurer’s report was dispensed with as Treasurer Lory Lawson was unable to attend.
Carol Sullivan reported that all new members had received a Welcome Letter from our group. New member Sandy Potter attended her first meeting today.
Kathryn Longfellow reported for the Voter Services/Program Subcommittee. She addressed the following points:
  1. Evaluation of Secretary of State Kim Wyman’s visit Sept. 16 determined the event was unqualified success, including the meeting with Latino and Tribal leaders.
  2. NVRD (Nat’l Voter Reg. Day), held on Mon., Sept. 23, produced 26 newly registered voters from 7 locations. Over 100 people were contacted that day.
  3. Observation of the Chamber of Commerce Candidate forum resulted in allowing more time to answer questions during the three LWV candidate forums. Plans for upcoming forums, to be held in Mount Vernon, Burlington and LaConner, were discussed.
  4. There was discussion of a LWV Centennial Celebration event at the beginning of 2020 that might be combined with welcome to newly elected state, county officials (Margaret Colony volunteered to head this event. Was there another as well?)
  5. Events for 2020 include WeIgnite conference in February, and Stella Ireland’s Reader’s Theater event, scheduled for February 15, 2020 was also discussed. There are no details yet.
The next meeting of Voter Services/Program Subcommittee will be Wed., Oct 23, 1-2:30 pm at Wende Sanderson’s house.
Edwyna Spiegel offered to join Rocio Lopez and Kathy Reim on the LWV outreach effort to include Latino and Tribal citizens in LWV activities.
Discussion was held about change of meeting time, place, as well as short mention of cost of dues as a barrier to membership. Resulting concensus was that meetings will be held 5:30 -7 pm at a rotating location to include meeting locations across the valley. This might encourage membership by people who are employed, and make meetings closer to home at some point for everyone. We will make carpooling a priority.
Next regular general meeting will be Wed., Nov. 6, 5:30 -7 pm at a location TBD.
Feb. 14, 2020 marks 100 years of LWV, and will be marked with a local candidate reception. Kathy Reim will co-chair with Margaret Colony, aided by Rocio Lopez and Jane Vilders.
We Ignite conference is scheduled for Feb. 7 at Swinomish Casino. The event is an opportunity for women to get together to share and provide opportunities for women to thrive in Skagit County.
Wende asked us to be aware of the LWVWA newsletter - TWIL (This Week In the League) and keep an eye out for interesting events in other parts of the state we might wish to include in our calendar.
She also mentioned that there are three Advocacy Action days scheduled before opening of the 2020 WA State Legislature, the closest is Jan. 4 in Kingston. Registration available in the LWV WA newsletter. Jan. 21, 2020 is Democracy Lobby Day in Olympia.
We received a note from LWV WA president offering to visit one of our meetings.
Parking Lot:
  1. Carol Sullivan mentioned use of “Going GREEN in 2019” meeting kit at all League events this summer and fall.
  2. Carol also asked members to email council members to express support for a BYOBag Ordinance for Mount Vernon.
  3. Patti Santangelo shared TRY with new members, and reminded us that Vote411.org site, where local and state candidates for upcoming elections share information about their experience and platform. If there’s a candidate on your ballot not featured in vote411.org, they should be contacted with a request to submit their information.
  4. Margaret Colony Share the Teacher’s Guide entitled “The State We’re In: Washington” that is for use in junior/senior high classrooms. State LWV also now has program for gr. 3-4 students and would like to get it into more schools.
  5. Wende shared a note from MVHS Civics teacher Anna Weimer thanking LWV for the Wyman visit. She noted that it was very inspirational for her students.
  6. Copies of Your Vote, published by Spokesman Review and LWV WA, were available to take and to distribute.
Meeting was adjourned at 12:02 pm.
Respectfully submitted, acting secretary, Carol Sullivan
League of Women Voter's of Skagit County
September 7, 2019  10:30 a.m.
Location:  Skagit Publishing Meeting Room
Members Attending:  Kathy Reim, Margaret Colony, Britt Wisniewski, Barbara Carson, Wende Sanderson, Doris Brevoort, Lory Lawson, Barbara Robinson,  Patti Santangelo, Carol Sullivan, Edwynna Speigel and new member Paula Young.
Minutes:  Minutes were approved after deciding that we would update the location of the next meeting in this report rather than change the location in the August report.  The location was to be at the Fire Station on E. Division but was changed during the month to the Skagit Publishing Meeing Room due to a conflict at the Fire Station.
Treasurer's Report:  Lory Lawson provided a written report for each member. 
                                     Current Cash on Hand:  $3090.93 
                                       Includes:       LWV-WA Education fund is $697.34
                                                             US Bank               $2359.93
                                                             Petty Cash                   33.00
                                  Invoices for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters have been sent out.
                                  Membership:  members have offered to contact three members to
                                                         encourage they renew membership.
Wende reminded the group of the option to use the “parking lot” notes to keep members on the agenda items and speak to the other subjects at the end of the meeting when the parking lot time slot comes up.
Kathy Reim spoke on the article in the Skagit Valley Herald about the Sedro Woolley Museum Board meeting on Thursday September 5.  The community came to the board meeting to voice concerns of the decision to put a photo and news stories from the 1920s featuring the Ku Klux Klan in its quartly newsletter.  People expressed their feelings about this lack of consideration when showing this kind of racism without an explanation.  Kathy spoke on the effective coverage in the paper and of how people reacted in a way that became positive in the end result.
Wende gave some information to the group on tax free donations options.  Kathy Reim requested a short paragraph from Wende (or Margaret) on the tax free donation process so we are all clear on this issue. 
Report-Voter Services/Program Subcommittee:  Wende Sanderson reported on the last subcommittee meeting on August 28th at Wende's home. 
Debrief on Civil Discourse Event:  One lesson we learned was that we need to have a designated person as a “go to” in case of any issue that comes up so as to not disturb the ongoing event proceedings. 
Debrief On Homelessness Event:  Perhaps have sign in people encourage audience to mention how they found out about the event.
Otherwise both events were seen as very well attended. Comment cards suggested further meetings on the subjects.  We had a large audience at both events with about 110 at the homeless event and over 90 at the civil discourse event.
Readers Theater with Stella Ireland:  After a discussion of how education grants from the State League can be accessed,  it was moved and seconded, then approved  to have Margaret begin the process to request $1000.00 from the State League.  That money is  earmarked to support the Readers Theater for the event on February15, 2020.
Elections and Voting Security with Kim Wyman, Secretary of State of Washington and Sandy Perkins Skagit County Auditor on September 16.
This event has grown to have several options now for the members to work on and for the public to participate in. 
1.  At this time we have scheduled with Anna Weimer, Mount Vernon High School Civics Teacher to have Kim Wyman visit her class from 1:00 p.m. To 2:30 p.m.
2.Next the Mount Vernon High School Debate teacher will host a debate for the Secretary of State to visit.
3.At 4:00 p.m. At the Mount Vernon High School Cafeteria  will be an opportunity for Secretary Wyman and Skagit County Auditor Sandy Perkins to meet with Native American and Latino community leaders to share ideas and discuss best ways to ensure full participation in the electoral process.
4. At 5:00 p.m. Will be an informal reception also at the High School Cafeteria. 
5.The final event of the day will be the Elections and Voting Security disussion at the Skagit PUD Building in Mount Vernon from 7:00 p.m. To 8:30 p.m. With both Kim Wyman and Sandy Perkins. 
Wende reminded us that we are all needed to take on responsibilities so those that were not at the meeting are encouraged to contact Wende to sign up to take part as a member of the League. 
     1.  We need a team leader to meet Kim Wyman what ever the time is she arrives and get her to the first spot she needs to be. 
     2.  We need  a team to set up at the PUD and see that it is ready for the audience and the radio people to set up.  Margaret, Doris and Britt offered to be in charge but will need help with tables etc so anyone who can please check in with them.   We decided only water and perhaps lemonade will be available with cups etc that Carol can provide so that we keep “going green” at our events.  
3.Kathy Reim and Rocio Lopez will be in charge of he afternoon event with the Native American and Latino leaders at the High School.
4. Lory Lawson will head the reception.  Each of these people are the leaders but will need the support of the worker members so check in where you can be of service please.
Barbara Carson mentioned the issues around LaConner school being a part of this day...as she has been working with a civics teacher there and is excited about being a part of the events. Wende and Barbara are going to continue this discussion to see how this can take place.
National Voter Registration Days:  September 24th it the “official “ day but we are going to use more than one day as we did last year. The Mount Vernon Library is already booked  on Monday September 23rd, with Barbara Carson and Mary Jane Golden as the leads on this. Other locations that will use both days is the Goodwill store with Margaret Colony as the lead.  On September 24, the Anacortes Library will have a table  with Patti Santangelo and Margaret Colony as lead.  Burlington Library will offer registration with Kathy Reim lead.  La Conner with Britt Wisniewski and Kathy Reim leads.
Next Voter Services Subcommittee meeting will be on Wednesday September 25 at 1:30 p.m.  Note this is a different time than last meetings.
Plans for  the year 2020:
We Ignite:  We have voted to support, partner and co sponsor the event on February 5 and 6 with Erin Long.  We will continue to plan our part in this event.
Parking lot issues:
Kathy Reim spoke on the new issue of the text WA The State we are In.  She mentioned that the new issue includes all tribes of Native Americans. Being inclusive is an important issue with all tribes  when they had not been in the past issues.
Kathy Reim also mentioned that the recorded version of the event on “Homelessness and the Impact on our Students and Schools” by KSVR is available to hear. She has sent it out to members via email and is it also available on facebook.
Carol Sullivan mentioned that on September 25th there is to be a presentation of the “banning of one time use plastic bags” to the Mount Vernon City Council at 7 p.m. This is a great time to show our support for this important issue.
TRY costs were mentioned by Barbara Robinson.  Lory Lawson brought up the option of having the TRY a one large page that can be folded into a booklet format. It would be much more cost effective. Both ladies are going to do some research to find how we can hire someone to reformat the TRY and then get it printed via Barbara Robinsons version of printing at a lower cost rate.
Wende Sanderson closed the meeting at 12:10
Barbara Robinson
League of Women Voters of Skagit County
August 2, 2019 10:30 a.m. To 12 Noon
East Division Fire Station Mount Vernon
President Wende Sanderson called meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.
Introduction of attendees: Mary Jane Golden, Patti Santangelo, Don Wick, Margaret Colony, Andrea Doll, Britt Wisniewski, Barbara Carson, Donnell Austin, Edwyna Spiegel, Paula Young (guest), Diane Visten, Doris Brevoort, Kathy Reim, Wendy Sanderson, Barbara Robinson, Kathy Longfellow.
Minutes of July 12th were presented and approved. Wende shared a letter from Steve and Nancy
Treasurer's Report: Lory Lawson sent in a report.
Current Cash on hand: $3598
Request of approval of Recognition Lunch expenses were approved
New Member Edwyna Speigel
Member resignation: Linda Belcher
Voter Services/Program Subcommittee Report: Kathy Longfellow submitted a report from the committee meeting held on July 31st at Wende Sanderson's home. A copy of the minutes will be attached to this document.
1. Civil Discourse Across the Aisle: Monday August 12 at PUD Building with Rep. Dave
Paul and Rep. Norma Smith. Workers for that event were discussed. Table sign in
team: Don Wick and Mary Jane Golden. Set up at 5 p.m. Or shortly after: Donnell
Austin, Mary Jane Golden, Ed West and Barbara Robinson. Clean up team: Mary Jane
and ???. Tent Cards: Barbara Robinson with the support of Wende and Kathryn with
final list of names. All members are encouraged to note the dignitaires with a sticky
note with the name and the “station” of each...that sticky note is to go to Wende so she
can introduce eash. We are expecting legislators and other notable persons. Margaret
will host a voter registration table. Cost and funding options were shared. A copy will
be attached to this document.
2. Homelessness and the Impact on our Children and our Schools event on August 19th
also at the PUD Building in Mount Vernon at 6:30 p.m. To 8:30 p.m. Moderator Kayla
Schott-Bresler from the County Health Department will provide an overview at the
county level. School administrators will speak about the impact from the school point
of view. Superintendent Phil Brockman will begin by explaining the McKinney Vento
federally funded program that every school is mandated to accommodate. He will then
provide a picture from the Sedro Woolley point of view. Other schools will also send a
representative to speak to their school district issues. We finish with the service
providers discussing what they do and where there are gaps. Anacortes 'Family Center,
Community Action, Family Promise, Friendship House, and perhaps NW Youth
Services will present. All legislators from the 10th, 39th and 40th districts have been
invited to attend.
3. Publicity: Poster/flyers have been taken out by various members with Kathy Reim and
her husband Robert taking over Burlington area.
Stella Ireland and Reader's Theater:
We have a request from Stella Ireland to support this event with some funding. Margaret Colony will contact the state league to see if there is funding available for this. The theater project will be “voices of the homelessness: and this could become a template for other leagues or communities. The event is set for February 15th at the Lincoln Theater. It was moved and seconded that our League co-sponsor the Stella Ireland Reader's Theater on February 15th 2020.
Kim Wyman Event September 16th. The details are to be discussed at the next subcommittee meeting and presented at the next league committee on September 7th. We will meet this next time on a Saturday again. However we are going to discuss the possibility of meeting on Friday since our member attendance was so great this Friday.
Wende will send out an updated calendar of events for the rest of 2019 soon.
Next meeting of the Voter Services/Program Subcommittee will be Wednesday August 28th at 1 p.m. To 2:30 p.m. At Wende's home.
Our special guest for this meeting was Erin Long of We Ignite. She organized a full day conference last fall , to support and encourage womens issues. Our league had a table there. She is planning another one this coming winter where there will be inspirational speakers, booths with vendors of women owned businesses, panels and perhaps a Pink Tea panel to celebrate the 100 years that have passed since the amendment of women's vote. The event will offer women in the community a way to connect and give back. She plans for this day to inspire women and show how to improve lives of both women and girls. Her visit today inspired our group to plan to attend and participate in this event.
Parking Lot Items:
Margaret announced that the teacher's guide for the text “WA: The State we we are in” will not be ready for another year. OSPI has set aside some monies for workshops to facilitate workshops to train to use this text. There was a suggestion that the book be a centerpiece for an event. Senior Colleges was suggested as a partner option.
Skagit Valley College Radio Station: They are asking a donatoin of $50 when they support our events.  Members moved and seconded that we do this at each of our events.
New Voter Registration Forms were shared by Patti Santangelo. She reminded us of how the new form is different and how we can still use the old form.
Wende shared calendars from the Whatcom League. Our members today were very interested in
purchasing copies. Wende will research this with information for the next meeting.
Our next meeting will be Saturday September 7th at Skagit Publishing at 10:30 a.m.
Barbara Robinson Secretary
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