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Click here to hear the Washington Secretary of State, Steve Hobbs, - The future of election security and access in Washington state on Crosscut
LWV Statement 6/24/2022 - Supreme Court Strips Americans of Constitutional Right to Abortion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Decision
Ever wondered what a Conservation District is all about?  Click here to find out about Snohomish and Skagit County Conservation Districts.
Click here to see the presentation by Jodi Dean of Skagit Home Trust about low income home ownership in Skagit County from the Skagit LWV meeting on 3 6 21
Skagit Gleaners
What the Organization Does and brainstorming ways we can partner together
Being a Savvy Digital Media Consumer and Publisher Presented by:
Katherine Murphy, LWV Kittitas County
Washington State League's
Review Of Election Methods
Important Research Article Despite Record Turnout, 80 Million Americans Didn't Vote. Here's Why
Exploring Innovative Community Policing
3rd in the series, Cooperative Model - Anacortes Police and the Anacortes Family Center.  Presented at the Skagit LWV meeting on 10-1-21
2nd in Series, Skagit County Sheriff's Department IMPACT program.  From the Skagit LWV meeting on 8-7-21
Click here to see how the Mount Vernon police use an embeded social worker to assist homeless and disturbed individuals and reduce the use of the police for non criminal activity.  From the Skagit LWV meeting on 4-3-21
Click the image above to view the movie "Courage in Corsets"
History of Skagit County