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About DRA - Dave’s Redistricting is a group of volunteers who share a passion for technology and democracy. Our mission is to empower civic organizations and citizen activists to advocate for fair congressional and legislative districts, and increased transparency in the redistricting process.
DRA has launched the first three videos of our DRA 2020 tutorial series on YouTube: Introduction to DRA 2020, Starting a Map, and Building a Map. They can be found at DRA on YouTube.  Please feel free to share broadly.   More videos will soon follow, including Fixing a Map, Statistics & Analytics, and Custom Overlays.  Folks are encouraged to subscribe to tje DRA YouTube channel so as to be notified about future videos.
People Powered Fair Maps is a nationwide redistricting campaign of the national League of Women Voters, focused on creating fair voting districts in all 50 states. Learn more about how Skagit LWV is supporting this national effort and how Speak Up Schools are part of the effort in Washington State. Register for Redistricting 101 and learn about district maps and how you can make your voice and your vote count.
Review of Redistricting in Washington State: LWVWA 2017 Report – Washington State Redistricting
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Seattle times 1/4/2021 article about Redistricting in WA State (with quotes from Allison McCaffrey):
All Things Redistricting
For more information, click the link and go to:
Click Here To See Skagit County Redistricting meeting with Allison McCaffree
Click here for LEGISLATIVE District Map Narrative
Click here for LWVWA's Final State Legislative Map
Click here for CONGRESSIONAL District Map Narrative
Click here for LWVWA's Final State Congressional Map